Monday, August 30, 2010

ACTing Classes for Youth Communities at Edison

We are thrilled to offer acting classes for children in grades one through five starting September 21st. Our marketing plan has the phone ringing off the hook from families interested in getting their children into the ACT! I tell them that not only will their child learn acting skills but in the process their self-confidence will grow stronger...NOW, sometimes it takes more than one class but I remember...years ago, I had a young six year old who was playing the role of the lion in a 'Bag and Box Players' version of 'The Wizard of Oz' and when it was time for her to roar, she just couldn't..too shy and frightened...but not to worry, I said, and another child took her role...After two years of classes and involvement in my theatre company, I sent her to audition for Trinity Rep, a professional theatre company in Providence, RI. And she got the lead!!! Now she lives in NYC and uses her acting skills in business! I have so many success stories of children/youth whose lives were changed with their involvement in acting and the theatre. And then I remember that my life and my self-confidence took a giant step when I became involved in theatre and thus my mission in life became to help others find their way through theatre.