Thursday, September 23, 2010


Edison ACTing Classes
The start date for the classes has been moved to September 28th and 29th providing a minium number of students is met. We are offering a $100 coupon for our fall/winter classes to the Cox Mill Elementary School's 'Bingo Fundraiser' on Friday, Oct. 24th...Come one come all!!!

The Levine Senior Senior

Sadly we had to cancel the production of 'The Phantom of the Soap Opera' as there were not enough people registered to cast the show. So, while I was devastated because I was so excited about working with the new friends I had made at my ACT & SEE presentation in August, I decided to offer classes at the Matthews Playhouse.

ACTing UP with Seniors

ACT will offer Acting classes for seniors at the Matthews Playhouse, Matthews Community Center * 100 McDowell Street in Matthews. ACTing Up will run for ten sessions starting Wednesday, October 6 and run through December 7. An additional class on December 6 will be held. All classes meet at 1pm and run until 2:30pm. No memorization or experience is necessary!!! Did you know that research proves that Seniors participating in theatre have less doctors visits, less medication usage and increased mobility of body? Truly! Truly! Truly!