Thursday, July 29, 2010

ACT Plans for the Levine Senior Center in Matthews, NC


At the Levine Senior Center
August 19th at 1:30pm

ACT invites the community at the Levine Senior Center to come SEE what exciting ACTivities ACT has planned for YOU! We will tell you about the upcoming productions of ‘The Phantom of the Soap Opera’ and ‘Life Stories’, and how you may get involved both onstage and offstage. For those who want to ACT, we will engage you with laughter yoga, improvisation and reading a couple of scenes from the play. You don’t have to participate but please come and SEE what it’s all about. You’ll be glad you did!!!

September 11th at 3pm

ACT will be offering a 'Celebrate Grandparents Day' ninety minute workshop for seniors and their grandchildren at the Levine Senior Center in Matthews, NC on September 11th at 3pm. This workshop will include theatre games, song and dance, improvisation and short skits ending with a presentation for family and friends.

An Audience Participation Murder Mystery Lunch-Time Theatre Event
by Robert and Christine Johnston

Starting September 19th, ACT will begin rehearsals of 'The Phantom of the Soap Opera' with members of the Levine Senior Center. This audience participation 'lunch time' play will center around the 'Porcelain Bowl' awards for soap opera actors and the murder that occurs during the awards show. The audience is quite involved in this hilarious 'whodunit' audience participation event. Rehearsals are Thursdays, 1 - 2:30 starting September 16th at the Levine Senior Center. The performance is slated for December 4th...Make your reservations now! Limited enrollment!


All of us have a story to tell! This class will give its actors the opportunity to develop a comic or dramatic story from their lives using historical events, family, love, growing up and growing older memories. We will use storytelling, improvisation, scriptwriting and acting to produce a multi-media production for the annual Levine Senior Center Anniversary Celebration. Limited enrollment!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ACT Postcard for Senior Communities Available

The ACT postcard for senior communities including retirement homes, YMCA's, senior centers and assisted living communities was sent out 6 July...Yesterday! Already I am getting inquiries about our programs. Can't wait to get seniors activated through our theatre! Seems there are not a lot of 'Senior Theatres' in Charlotte and surrounding areas... So everyone.. get ready!..because ACT is on its way! In the past year I went to a 'Senior Theatre' conference in New York City where I was inspired by 'Senior Theatre' performances and fabulous workshops...and recently I went to Asheville for the National Senior Theatre USA Festival. Again, I saw hundreds of seniors singing, dancing and acting. My favorite was a performance by a company of seniors from the 'Silver Stage Players' from Knoxville. They performed, 'Elderspeak', a poignant play, written by one of the company members, about the way people talk and relate to seniors....Very interesting...This is a play I hope to produce and tour with a group of seniors in the very near future!!!

I have some exciting programs for activating youth communities through theatre in the making but will be hush hush until confirmed and ready for the Big Announcement!