Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ACT Postcard for Senior Communities Available

The ACT postcard for senior communities including retirement homes, YMCA's, senior centers and assisted living communities was sent out 6 July...Yesterday! Already I am getting inquiries about our programs. Can't wait to get seniors activated through our theatre! Seems there are not a lot of 'Senior Theatres' in Charlotte and surrounding areas... So everyone.. get ready!..because ACT is on its way! In the past year I went to a 'Senior Theatre' conference in New York City where I was inspired by 'Senior Theatre' performances and fabulous workshops...and recently I went to Asheville for the National Senior Theatre USA Festival. Again, I saw hundreds of seniors singing, dancing and acting. My favorite was a performance by a company of seniors from the 'Silver Stage Players' from Knoxville. They performed, 'Elderspeak', a poignant play, written by one of the company members, about the way people talk and relate to seniors....Very interesting...This is a play I hope to produce and tour with a group of seniors in the very near future!!!

I have some exciting programs for activating youth communities through theatre in the making but will be hush hush until confirmed and ready for the Big Announcement!

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