Friday, November 19, 2010

Davidson Seniors on Stage Present 'Young at Heart A Laugh In Experience

My senior performance class in Davidson is in their final weeks of rehearsal prior to performance. We have created a FABULOUS show that will have our audiences laughing from the moment they enter the theatre till they leave and most likely days later as they remember the hilarity of the show. Our seventy five minute show is filled with comedic characters created by each actor....such as a Dell Support Employee, a wealthy Texan, a Surfer Dude, a 16 year old Catholic school girl, an 'Almost Naked Chef', an Advice Columnist who helps women look for the right man, a dirty old man and woman, a Granny who dirty dances with her husband and Mrs. Buff Orpington who is married to the man who invented the chicken.....also included in the show are Burlesque skits, songs and a few surprises.....I am so proud of our actors and can't wait to ACTivate the Community with this Senior Theatre Performance!!!

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