Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seniors on Stage at Davidson Community Players

Young at Heart Song

Loretta and Paw doing the Dirty Dance

Sally 'Surfer Dude' teaches Granny how to surf

First meeting of a '' match or was it?

Inspired by Artie Johnson and Ruth Buzzi 'In the Park'


Catholic School Girl (Peggy) as a grocery store clerk whose customer, Dumb Blond (Judy) wants to return M'M's because she couldn't peel their shells off.

Barbara played an advice columnist who gave sexual advice to seniors....Hilarious!
 ACT was hired by Davidson Community Players to teach a 10 week performance class for seniors aged 55+....We had a most amazing ten weeks working on improvisations, character creations, comedy, laughter yoga, songs and hilarious vaudeville scenes.   Several had never performed in public ....but you never would have known it.   I so loved working with my students who were fearless and ever so creative...As the video in my mind replays I think of Loretta and her wild sense of humor and artistic contributions to our costumes and props..she (along with her assistants, Sally and Fran) made all the mouseketeers ears, 'Young at Heart' signs and a few other props used in the many scenes of the performance.....her 'Dirty Dancing' with Paw brought the house down.  Judy as the dumb blond secretary with perfect comic timing and Fran so courageous to play the eccentric old lady on the park bench with a snarly Rodney....tooo funny!  And of course there was Barbara P who took on the role of Stage Manager as well as getting many guffaws in her walk-on as the waitress...Her comic take to the audience was priceless.  Marion created a Bostonian woman whose husband invented the chicken and was immensely entertaining in her '' date with Rodney's 'Tex'.   And there was Sally as a 'surfer dude' teaching Loretta's Granny how to surf and Peggy's 16 year old Catholic School girl telling the audience about going to the prom.  Barbara H's monologue 'Lightning Bugs' always brought a tear or two and the power of the silence which followed was extraordinary.....BRAVO to the Seniors on Stage in their 'Young at Heart' Laugh-In Experience.

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